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Protection of Insects: Become an Insect Scout

The biomass of flying insects decreased within 27 years by up to 75%. In order to draw attention to the dramatic situation, NABU has called for an interactive campaign "The Insect Summer".
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An insect scout campaign for six-legged friends at the NABU "Insect Summer" in Germany

The insects in their diversity are not only an irreplaceable food source for birds, bats etc. Almost all wild and cultivated plants are pollinated by insects.

In order to draw attention to the dramatic situation and the enormous importance of the six-legged creatures for us and our environment, NABU has called for an interactive campaign - "The Insect Summer".

All interested parties, both NABU activists and external insect fans, can apply as insect scouts to help NABU groups on a voluntary basis. The main tasks of the insect scouts are to enthuse the participants for the world of insects with enthusiasm and verve, to support NABU as much as possible in the case of identification of insect and to represent NABU well in case of press inquiries for participation. They are likeable ambassadors of the insect world and should carry the topic further into the area.

The project also aims to build up a network of people with an interest in insects for nature conservation work and to bind them to NABU. At best, this will create a network of interested people who will work for the insect world in NABU in the long term.

In 2021 and 2022, 32 people, two per state, are to be trained. A total of four two-day workshops of eight people each are planned. During the two days, the prospective insect scouts will first be familiarized with the project Insect Summer and learn in cooperation with an entomologist how insects can be detected and determined. The role of insects in the ecosystem and insect loss will also be addressed in this workshop part. Furthermore, they will be trained by an expert in basic press skills and practice press interviews and excursions in smaller role plays.