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Encourage nature conservation, have an impact on local communities through social projects, and conserve and protect European cultural heritage.




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About the Foundation


The VGP Foundation is a private Belgian registered foundation that was established in September 2019 on the belief that responsible entrepreneurship goes beyond the day-to-day activities.

  • The VGP Foundation received start-up capital from VGP, which will provide further annual funding. Additionally, VGP offers in-kind funding through the provision of expert volunteers, community volunteers, products and services. It also provides office space, IT, administration and travel support.

    The VGP Foundation anticipates supporting local projects in all European countries. If a VGP country organization is present in a certain country, it will be able to assist in localizing community initiatives and ensure further development of given projects.

  • Apart from the support mentioned above, the VGP Foundation operates on a strictly independent basis from VGP's business activities. Independence is key to our ability to deliver our charitable objectives and it is maintained in a number of ways, including:


              ✔  A mixed board including senior VGP leaders and leading figures from sector relevant to our charitable work with no                         previous link to VGP 


              ✔  In addition, a set of operations principles to which our staff, board and partners are held accountable, includes                                 a commitment to protect our independence 


              ✔  Regular reports that assess our projects and performance against pre-defined impact targets and milestones.

  • The VGP Foundation´s charter foresees a board of six members, including three directors who are independent from VGP. The Board has full responsibility for the strategy, policies, performance and operations (including the management of funds) of the VGP Foundation. It also makes the final decision on all projects run as part of the Foundation’s programs.

    Read more about Our Board Members.

  • The VGP Foundation operates in accordance with charity regulations. All partners of the VGP Foundation are required to define KPIs and report on the progress of joint projects at the end of each quarter. Additionally, the VGP Foundation follows its own reporting process to ensure the best allocation of funds and resources.

It is our intention to contribute every year a part of the annual profit of VGP into our Foundation.

– Jan Van Geet Founder and CEO of VGP and founder of the VGP Foundation


  • Annual Funding by VGP
  • Expert and Community Volunteers
  • Office Space & IT Administration
  • Travel Support
  • Products and Services
the people

Balanced Board

A mixed board including senior VGP leaders and leading figures from sectors relevant to our charitable work with no previous link to VGP.

Board Members

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