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Protection of migrating birds in Cyprus

Every year, more than 2 milion birds are being killed in Cyprus alone through illegal poaching. The importance of education and public awareness is crucial to protect the millions of birds migrating via the Mediterranean.
Natural Project

Three Villages Go Green – Çatalköy, Arapköy, Esentepe

Northern Cyprus

ÇADER is a non-profit civil society organization founded in 2005 and currently has 107 members. Its members mainly concentrate on environmental activities under their motto: “The Environment and Me”.

The Organisation works closely with the local authorities and the schools that service Catalköy, Arapköy, and Esentepe. These three villages cover an area of 75 km² and count for about 14.000 inhabitants. They are situated in the Pentadactylos Mountain Range's foothills, a designated Natura 2000 area, and an IBA.

The aim is to encourage nature protection at a grassroots level to make three Cypriot villages more avi-fauna friendly and become a model for other villages to follow. This will be reached through education, habitat improvement and public outreach. Education is focused on raising awareness and increasing knowledge of the importance of biodiversity, the conservation of wildlife and all natural resources (soil, water, air etc.), as well as the adverse effects of climate change and the need for adaption strategies.

In the first months, the project has been introduced to the local authorities. Several events have been organized to raise awareness of nature and species conservation among the local population. Among them, a Clean-up for World Soil day, a Communal Planting Event, and some environmental education seminars for school children.