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Increasing stability of forest covers in Liberec region in 2021

The forest areas of 6 towns in the Liberec region has for long witnessed a general decrease in biodiversity, caused by unsuitable composition of the forest and an overpopulation of cloven-hoofed animals.
Nadace Ivana Dejmala
Natural Project

The project foresees planting diverse tree seedlings in the Liberec region, mostly beeches, oaks and firs in order to improve the age and species composition of the local forests. It is also necessary to protect young seedlings against animals by building protective fences.


After a long period of cultivation of even-aged and monocultural, mainly spruce forest stands, in addition to apply “all-cut” method, the use of more environmentally friendly farming methods have already returned in recent years. We support species-diverse forest stands which is a necessary condition for more natural, stable and healthier forests capable to keep the water in the landscape. The Foundation of Ivan Dejmal cooperates with Mr. Jan Duda – a senior expert in the field of applicable farming methods to increase numbers of firs and deciduous trees.


Several lands and tree species suitable for planting have been already selected. Seedlings will be ordered during the spring and supplied according to need. To protect firs and oaks against animals, fences will be constructed as well. Depending on climatic conditions, planting of seedlings is realized during autumn 2021. In the following years, continuous caring is also covered, for example trimming, repellent coating or fence reparations.

Photos © Jakub Trsek