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Restoration of Jizerské smrčiny

The Jizerské smrčiny is a location of special natural habitat in the central part of the plateau of the Jizera Mountains. There are a number of specially protected and endangered species of plants and animals in the area.
Nadace Ivana Dejmala
Natural Project
In progress

The project aims to return the forests of the Jizera Mountains to a natural and healthy form and ensure the water retention in valued peatlands.


The project, realized by Jizersko-ještědský horský spolek, helps to preserve a unique waterlogged spruce forest in the heart of the Jizera Mountains. More than 14,000 genetically original tree seedlings are going to be planted and with usage of 60 constructed barriers, rare peatlands can be restored, however currently endangered by drying up.

Jizera Spruce Forest is a valuable locality in the central part of the plateau of the Jizera Mountains. There are several highly protected and endangered plant species and this region is also a home of the black grouse and other highly protected bird species as well.

The currnt unfavorable condition of the locality is the result of long-term cultivation mostly of spruce monocultural forest stands, which succumbed to calamity in the previous period. The disturbed ecological stability of the Jizera Mountains' forest is caused by unsuitable species composition of forest stands established in the past and often managed by inappropriate methods of forestry, in addition to extreme air pollution and other ecological influences.

The project is realized within years 2019–2021 and targeted to increase the species and age diversity of forest stands in the heart of the Jizera Mountains and improve the retention capacity of local peatlands. The project activity covers a cutting of non-native and coniferous trees and planting of genetically original spruce, fir and deciduous trees including protection against damage by forest animals.

Another part of the project focuses on the remediation of a water cycle. Specifically, to decrease negative effects of the rapid outflow from mountains by construction of wood barriers in reclamation zones. In 2019,  20 barriers were constructed and 4 350 spruces, rowans and maples planted. In 2020, 40 barriers constructed, and 8 750 seedlings planted. Project successfully reached year 2021 continuing to plant seedlings and protect them.

Photos © Jakub Trsek